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Guided Day Tours

Delve into almost two centuries of real South Australian stories as our knowledgeable guides bring to life the many captivating and long forgotten tales of our State’s great leaders, pioneers, humanitarians and scallywags.

From the triumphant to the tragic, the society pages to the scandalous underbelly, and the surprising to the strange, there is something for everyone. There are eleven different guided walks to explore.

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Current Tours

A Brave Few

What would it take to make you leave your homeland and travel halfway across the globe to a foreign land, without knowing what you would find when you arrived? This guided tour explores the stories of South Australia's earliest pioneers, those who made it and those who didn't.

Crime & Punishment

Investigate colonial South Australia's gritty underbelly as you encounter the graves of the perpetrators, the victims and the law enforcers on this fascinating tour.

From Housewives to Heroines

Explore the personal trials and inspirational achievements of some of the State's leading ladies on this guided tour of West Terrace Cemetery. As you weave your way through the cemetery you will encounter a selection of philanthropists, political agitators, reformers and artists who have left their mark on South Australia and beyond.

History & Symbolism

A cemetery serves three functions: a place to bury the dead, a place to grieve and a place where history can be read and understood. Take a step back to some of South Australia's earliest days as we take you through the history and symbolism behind some of the oldest headstones and monuments of West Terrace Cemetery and the history behind the religious groups and communities that shape the cemetery into what it is today. 

Legends of the Game

From cricket and football to boxing and horse racing, meet some of the State’s great sports men and women and relive the triumphs, heroic losses, controversies and tragedies on this fascinating guided tour of West Terrace Cemetery.

Tales & Treasures

From the notable to the notorious, discover the true heart of South Australia through the eyes of those that helped shape it. Delve into the world they inhabited, the lives they led and share their hopes, ideals and dreams.

Unfortunate Ends & Peculiar Practices

Discover the obscure and often unusual ways South Australians have met their fate and gain a glimpse into some of the lavish and occasionally peculiar funeral customs on this unique guided tour.

Walking With ANZACS

More than 4,000 returned service men and women who courageously fought in the First World War lie at rest in the Australian Imperial Forces section at West Terrace Cemetery. Behind each of these brave souls is a story of service. Relive their courage, determination and mateship as you explore Australia's first dedicated military burial ground.

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